Friday, 15 August 2008

Is vodacom billing correctly for 3G?

I have been using my vodacom 3g data bundle for about a month now. I use the modem with cheetahwatch a great application for mac, that adds a signal strength icon in your menubar. I was finally cut off for having hit my 2g cap yesterday, but cheetahwatch showed i had used in excess of 3 GB.

Now, this is interesting to me as for the last two years i have been doing some consulting work related to revenue assurance.

Looking at the logging done by the vodaphone application that comes bundled with the modem, you find a descrepency as it shows a total of 2GB.

So either, cheetah watch is logging data usage incorrectly or Vodacom is not charging data bundles correctly.

Anyone out there using vodacom / vodaphone 3g data connection and cheetahwatch notice the same thing?

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