Monday, 18 August 2008

Autopage and their cold spam calls!

I have just been back in South Africa for a little over one month now, my mobile number has been permanently on after a 2 year hiatus for just a month. In that time, i have received 3 cold calls from Altech Autopage, offering me special deals on contracts. Right now, i am using prepaid and prefer it that way, i may just up and leave for another country at any time.

What irk's me though, i repeatedly asked them to remove my name and not call me again, and yet they still call me. Few years ago it was someone trying to sell me insurance. It is all very Highly annoying, I asked the guy where they had got my number and he just hung up. Who is selling my details? What gave them the right? Did i agree to this?

Here's a tip to marketers,
Sell to people who want to be sold to, do not force things down peoples throats.

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Friday, 15 August 2008

Is vodacom billing correctly for 3G?

I have been using my vodacom 3g data bundle for about a month now. I use the modem with cheetahwatch a great application for mac, that adds a signal strength icon in your menubar. I was finally cut off for having hit my 2g cap yesterday, but cheetahwatch showed i had used in excess of 3 GB.

Now, this is interesting to me as for the last two years i have been doing some consulting work related to revenue assurance.

Looking at the logging done by the vodaphone application that comes bundled with the modem, you find a descrepency as it shows a total of 2GB.

So either, cheetah watch is logging data usage incorrectly or Vodacom is not charging data bundles correctly.

Anyone out there using vodacom / vodaphone 3g data connection and cheetahwatch notice the same thing?

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