Wednesday, 23 July 2008

Allow people to create a DVD of TED Talks using freedom toasters

Something i have wanted to do for a while was distribute TED talks and Video tutorials on DVD to people who do not have access to the internet or who cannot afford the bandwith costs to download them. I can truly say that i am where i am today in part due to the power of the net and the knowledge I have gained from the countless hours i have spent on it, it is a shame that other people cannot afford to access these resources.

Having completely forgotten about the Freedom toaster project from the shuttleworth foundation, reading Nur's post at techleader on the freedom toaster you realise it would be the perfect vehcile to distribute these DVD's. After a short email to Jason Hudson from the project, i will be compiling a list of the best talks to be included in the freedom toaster and would like the recommendations to be a community effort, What are your favourite Ted Talks? Those that were thought provoking, made a difference in your life or changed your perception for the better. Post the links to the talks in the comments, pop me a mail with your list at or send it via twitter to ismaild.


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