Tuesday, 10 June 2008

Get the 3G Iphone without a 2 year contract, Cheaply

So, you waited up, sat at your computer and eagerly awaited the news on the 3G IPhone. You have drunk the cool aid:

You cant wait to get your hands on your iPrecious....

But the launch date is only the 11 July. You have to wait a month more if you are in one of the 21 countries, But what if you want to get your hands on the phone and you happen to live in the countries that are not part of the list or you do not want to sign up for a 2 Year contract? What if you cant wait?

The price of the 8GB is set to $199 with a 2 year contract, so expect the prices of phones without a contract to be much higher. There have been discussions on twitter that the price may be as high as it was for the first IPhone 4000-5000 AED(R8000/R10000) in places like South Africa and UAE. Well i am going to tell you how to get it at the normal retail price without being ripped off (Just between us ok?) .

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Justin said...

Quite an interesting read however apple will not ship your phone to one of these reshipping companies as they have been blacklisted. You will need to use some American credit card, to purchase the item and then ship it to a friend. Quite a hassle.

My 2c ;)

Ismail Dhorat said...

Hi Justin,

The shipping companies give you a Normal P. Box, got several phones like that here in the UAE like that. Regarding the American credit card, i doubt that unless they changed it since the original IPhone.

riy said...

I agree with justin... I ordered the iPhone last year, they cancelled it because they dont ship to mail forwarding address. Also needed an American credit card to dobthe purchase. Eventualy had a friend in the US buy it and ship it.

The phone will also be network locked- so ull need to wait until the crack is available to use the phone. With my second iPhone on v 1.1.2 I had to wait a month before the hack was out.

Needless to say- it was well worth the effort :-)

Ismail Dhorat said...

@Riy, when did you order your Iphone online? As between Jan-March you could order with any credit card.

Btw its not a forwarding address its a normal P.O Box i dont believe Apple will have any way of knowing which are forwarding and which are not.

riy said...

I ordered it just after they changed the system... my friend who ordered a week before me got away with it.

yeah I know its PO Box address, but apple have the mail forwarding PO Box's blacklisted.... at least they did with aramex. I tried with a US card to ship to an aramex and they declined it based on "we dont ship to mail forwarding address"

Had to have it sent to a friend in the US, who then reposted it to Aramex for me.

Btw, this was only with the iPhone- My MacBook + other stuff were shipped without any hassles....

_ said...

i just want to know one thing.
if some one buy iphone for me.
can he ship it to me without any custom duties or any thing like that

sanket said...

I have just ONE question...
At what price Can I get a working 3g phone In dubai ?
if somebody can help me out, I would really appreciate it.
there are so many people out there cashing in on this 3G craze and selling phones at RIDICULOUS prices...for a PHONE !
So if there is anybody out there who can get me a phone at a reasonable price, PLEASE get in touch.



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