Monday, 21 April 2008

Will the South African Media ever get over the MXit Issue?

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Recently IOL ran a story called "Lost girls in MXit drama". With Mxit being a South African mobile IM service i have gotten used to these stories. With all the radio shows discussing the issue to the concerned parents constantly calling into radio stations to complain.

But seriously now, ENOUGH! These headlines and articles, radio stations make NO SENSE what so ever. The media, the parents and Patricia de lille seriously need to get a clue.

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Rafiq Phillips said...

they are riding the mxit & now facebook wave to sell papers, its gonna be fun watch your traffic climb over the next few days.

PS: self-submission/self-promo... chill on it a bit now

Ismail D said...

well need to sell papers, what gets me though is almost always the parents blame the 'evil' service. It's just plain denial!